NBA Teams I’m Looking Forward to Watching This Season Relative to Their National Schedule

You’ll read a ton of predictions before the 2012-2013 NBA season begins. I will not be attempting that. At least not now. What I will be listing are the teams I am looking forward to watching from least to most. This is based on new acquisitions, rookies and national TV appearances. The list starts with the teams I am least looking forward to watching and counting down to the most—starting with the Eastern Conference. The number in (parenthesis) denotes total national TV appearances.


15. Orlando Magic
This team got decimated from the Dwight Howard debacle. Arron Afflalo is skilled, but  not skilled enough for me to tune in. The schedulers have predictably shared my apathy with a measly one ESPN, and five NBA TV games. Ouch. (6 total)

14. Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose is out for a considerable amount of time, and there are no notable additions to this team. Even when he does return, it’s more or less the same starting lineup from the last few seasons. Somebody apparently forgot to tell the schedulers about Rose’s injury as evidenced by two ABC, seven TNT, ten ESPN, and seven NBA TV games. (26)

13. Charlotte Bobcats
I think Michael-Kidd Gilchrist and Kemba Walker could make for an interesting one-two punch, but they are not exactly rewarded with a whopping two appearances on NBA TV. (2)

12. Atlanta Hawks
A brilliant front office move by getting rid of Joe Johnson does not translate to excitement on the court. The additions of Devin Harris, Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow are probably the worst reason to try to convince a Net fan to tune in. Call me back if they grab someone during the free agency summer of 2013. The schedulers and I are on the same page they are downgraded to just three ESPN, and three NBA TV games. (6)

11. Toronto Raptors
I’m curious to see what Jonas Valanciunus can do, but an upgrade of Kyle Lowry at point guard doesn’t generate too much interest for me. They continue to be banished by the schedulers with an anemic two NBA TV appearances. They really needed Steve Nash. (2)

10. Boston Celtics
The Celtics are on TV so often, that Jason Terry replacing Ray Allen doesn’t change the dynamic of the team all that much. Rookie Jared Sullinger makes the frontcourt slightly intriguing. The Celts continue to dominate the airwaves with two ABC, nine TNT, nine ESPN, and seven NBA TV appearances. (27)

9. New York Knicks
The Knicks got a lot less watchable with Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd replacing Jeremy Lin at point guard. And I’d much rather watch Melo on the Olympic team. Their clumsy offense will be over-saturated with five ABC, 10 TNT, 10 ESPN, and seven NBA TV games. (32)

8. Indiana Pacers
Unless Paul George makes a significant leap, it’s more or less the same team from last year. The Darren Collison/D.J. Augstin swap at point guard doesn’t make much difference for me. They’ll get a mediocre showing with two TNT, five ESPN, and five NBA TV games. (12)

7. Detroit Pistons
If Andre Drummond actually pans out alongside Greg Monroe, Detroit has the potential to have one of the top young frontcourts in the league. That’s a big if. They are lightly sprinkled nationally with one ESPN and one NBA TV game. (2)

6. Milwaukee Bucks
Although I don’t think they fit well, the backcourt of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis will at least be fun to watch with their speed. They don’t get a lot of TV time with one ESPN game and two NBA TV games. (3)

5. Miami Heat
In the prime of his career, LBJ is truly a sight to behold. But they’re on TV all the time. They’ll expectedly get a ton of exposure with five ABC, ten TNT, eleven ESPN, and eight NBA TV games. (34)

4. Washington Wizards
I look forward to watching how the young backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal play with each other. It seems the schedulers are not as enthusiastic as I am with only one ESPN and two NBA TV games. (3)

3. Philadelphia Sixers
Despite reaching the second round of the playoffs last season, if the Sixers had retained their starting lineup, they would have been near the bottom of this list. However, Andrew Bynum is arguably the most polished offensive center in the league when healthy and engaged. The offense will run through him, and a post-up offense is my favorite kind. They’ll have three TNT, five ESPN and four NBA TV games. (12)

2. Cleveland Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving is one of the most exciting young point guards in the league entering his second season. One ESPN and three NBA TV games does not give him justice. (4)

1. Brooklyn Nets
As a Nets fan, this is obviously biased. But the off-season moves have made their starting lineup potent. Deron Williams will have a lot more competent players to pass to. The schedulers have rewarded me with four TNT, nine ESPN and five NBA TV games. Of course, living in New Jersey, I can watch all of these, but I really enjoy the buzz a national game provides. (18)


15. San Antonio Spurs
They’ve evolved into a very fun team to watch—especially in the playoffs, but without any major movement or interesting rookies, it will still be the same old highly efficient Spurs. Schedulers didn’t exactly buck any trends with seven TNT, nine ESPN and eight NBA TV appearances. (24)

14. Memphis Grizzlies
I always tune in to the Grizzlies during the playoffs, but there wasn’t much offseason movement, so they’ll have the same starting lineup as last year. They do get some national TV respect with one TNT, seven ESPN, and seven NBA TV appearances. (15)

13. Utah Jazz
They need to trade either Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap in order get Derrick Favors more playing time. The Jazz get some love with seven ESPN and nine NBA TV games. (16)

12. Denver Nuggets
Andre Iguodala, Ty Lawson and Danilo Gallinari’s fast pace offense may make them the closest thing to the mid-2000 Suns. They’ll get a healthy serving of exposure with five TNT, nine ESPN, and five NBA TV games. (19)

11. Oklahoma City Thunder
If I ever won a prize where I got to choose which NBA arena to attend a regular season home game it would easily be the Thunder. I said this two season ago. Guess I’ll just make do with my HDTV. Five ABC, ten TNT, 10 ESPN, and five NBA TV games should get whet my appetite. (30)

10. Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs struck out on Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, but a new younger backcourt of Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo should give Dirk a bit less pressure. Dirk and company are still able to command a high profile with one ABC, eight TNT, seven ESPN, and eight NBA TV appearances. (24)

9. Sacramento Kings
Despite his immaturity, DeMarcus Cousins is a beast down low. Pairing him with rookie Thomas Robinson should be interesting. Not surprisingly, they get no love from TNT or ESPN and just four games on NBA TV. (4)

8. Phoenix Suns
Watching Michael Beasley, Goran Dragic, Wes Johnson and Luis Scola play in a new environment in the post-Nash era has some potential for a high octane offense. The schedulers don’t agree with two TNT, two ESPN (Steve Nash’s return on January 30th) and two NBA TV games. (6)

7. Portland Trailblazers
Hot rookie Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Nicolas Batum should get those die-hard Blazer fans excited again. They have five TNT, three ESPN and six NBA TV games. (14)

6. LA Clippers
Sure, I like watching Blake Griffin dunk so hard that he smothers his balls in his defender’s face. Four ABC, ten TNT, nine ESPN and nine NBA TV games should satisfy those urges. (32)

5. Houston Rockets
Linsanity happened when the Knicks were trotting out back-ups role players. Other than Kevin Martin, Houston will have a very young and inexperienced team. I fully expected the schedulers to follow Jeremy Lin to Houston, but I was wrong. There are a measly two ESPN and four NBA TV games. Linsanity won’t ever be the same, but I think Lin prefers it this way. (6)

4. Golden State Warriors
Assuming Andrew Bogut and Steph Curry remain healthy, (that’s a big if)—this could be another offensive juggernaut. We’ll be blessed with three TNT, five ESPN and seven NBA TV games. (15)

3. LA Lakers
Love’em or hate’em, this is a devastating offensive lineup even before Dwight Howard returns. It will be interesting to see how Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant play off of each other. Not suprisingly, the Lakers will be on all the time with six ABC, nine TNT, ten ESPN, and four NBA TV games. (29)

2. New Orleans Hornets
If Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers can somehow be cohesive in the backcourt with Anthony Davis doing his thing up front, the Hornets will be fun to watch. With three ESPN games and six NBA TV games, I’m not complaining. (9)

1. Minnesota Timberwolves
When Rubio comes back, if Brandon Roy can become 70% of what he was, if Kirilenko can play like he’s on the Russian team combined with Kevin Love can all come together, there will be no more exciting team to watch in the league than the Wolves. Last season, I was hoping that they would get the national treatment. With three TNT, three ESPN and eight NBA TV games, I’m somewhat satisfied. (14)

So it’s official. I’m eager to watch a lot more West games than the east.

If you’ve read this far, you’ll know how to find your favorite team’s specific TV dates. But below is handy dandy guide of national appearances from most to least. I’m pretty sure this isn’t broken down like this anywhere else, so you’re welcome!

*Correction – Boston has nine TNT games, not ten. Bringing their total down to 29 to tie with the Lakers. Denver has five TNT and nine ESPN, not the other way around.

*Correction number two – Boston has seven NBA TV games, not nine. Bringing their total down to 27 , right behind the Lakers.

*Correction number three – Dallas has eight NBA TV games not nine, tying them at 24 with the Spurs.

Miami 5 10 11 8 34
LA Clippers 4 10 10 9 33
New York 5 10 10 7 32
OKC 5 10 10 5 30
LA Lakers 6 9 10 4 29
Boston 2 9 9 7 27
Chicago 2 7 10 7 26
Dallas 1 8 7 8 24
San Antonio 7 9 8 24
Denver 5 9 5 19
Brooklyn 4 9 5 18
Utah 7 9 16
Golden State 3 5 7 15
Memphis 1 7 7 15
Portland 5 3 6 14
Minnesota 3 3 8 14
Indiana 2 5 5 12
Philadelphia 3 5 4 12
New Orleans 3 6 9
Atlanta 3 3 6
Houston 2 4 6
Orlando 1 5 6
Phoenix 2 2 2 6
Cleveland 1 3 4
Sacramento 4 4
Milwaukee 1 2 3
Washington 1 2 3
Charlotte 2 2
Detroit 1 1 2
Toronto 2 2

8 comments on “NBA Teams I’m Looking Forward to Watching This Season Relative to Their National Schedule

  1. Man, Knicks and Clips are on way too much. Major Market bias anyone? I agree that Wolves and Nets will be interesting to see if the create a new team from scratch approach works. Hate the Lakers, but all the dumb owners keep acting like they’re the minor league franchise to LA the way they funnel talent to them. At least the Knicks have never been able to figure that out!

  2. Stevie Knicks on said:

    Washington, Milwaukee, and Detroit above Knicks, Celtics, & Pacers? get back to me at the all-star break.

    • Not only are the Knicks on national TV 32 times, I live here so I can see ALL of their games. Celts have 29, and the Pacers are the same as last year. I’m most intrigued by rookies with promise. A Wall/Beal backcourt could be one of the top backcourts a few years down the road. Same with the Bucks. If Andre Drummond actually pans out, the Pistons COULD have one of the best front courts with Greg Monroe down the road. Huge unknowns, but more intriguing than the known commodities.

  3. PJ Pomeroy on said:

    Nice write-up G-money! But Spurs at #15?

    • I do like the Spurs. But I’ve watched Duncan since I graduated from college (96), and the make-up of the team still remains him, Parker and Ginobili. Kawhi Leonard is supposed to play a larger role this season as a sophomore, but he’s not that fun to watch. Once the “big three” move on and they go in a different direction, then I’ll be more intrigued.

  4. Practice? on said:

    Seriously Gman? Wolves and Cavs are your teams to watch? No interest in watching Jlin in Houston or as much as I hate the lakers, you gotta see how Superman 2.0 mixes it up with half Jordan and Steve Nash? I can see you east coast line up but that western conf needs to be changed up.

    • I’ve got the Rockets as the 5th team in the west I want to watch. But the Wolves take it all. How can you not love Rubio and Kevin Love? They’re so fun to watch! And what if Brandon Roy even remotely comes close to what he can do? The Cavs will be less promising, but Kyrie is the REAL DEAL. He can shoot, get to the line, and take the last shot. On top of that, he’s marketable as seen in the Uncle Drew Pepsi ad.

      I have the Lakers as #3 in the West. I don’t have love for them either, but the shake-up makes them really interesting.

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