I Like Female-Centric TV Shows

My friend Todd made a comment to me that I’ve been watching a lot of girly TV shows. And you know what? He’s right.

The two new shows of the fall season and one from earlier this year all have a female showrunner (that’s an industry term for executive producer.)

The Mindy Project (two episodes viewed)

She'll have what he's having.

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The Eight Most Demoralizing Moments as a Nets Fan

"Drazen Petrovic is not walking through that door. Derrick Coleman is not walking through that door."

(Demoralizing moments start from the 1991-1992 season, when I first became a fan.)

If I was some foreigner who came off a rickety boat packed with hundreds of illegal immigrants from the Fujian province of China and landed in New York today, I’d think that there are two NBA teams of equal popularity. With Jay-Z closing out a show with Beyonce at the newly minted Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Nets are the biggest thing to hit Brooklyn since Lena Dunham started filming Girls there. Now that everyone’s been scooping up those retro black and white jerseys, I’m here to tell you that it hasn’t always been like this. It seems the Nets are trying to pretend their New Jersey residence didn’t even exist.

Well it did. And it wasn’t pretty.

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The Jeremy Lin TV Guide Based on Markets with the Highest Asian Populations

One impact Jeremy Lin had last season was that he converted many indifferent Asian-American sports fans into hardcore NBA nerds. At least they followed the Knicks. And with 32 nationally televised games this season, they thought it would be more of the same.

One giant Daryl Morey sized poison pill later, Linsanity will be toiling in relative obscurity with a mere six national games playing for the Houston Rockets. Only two games are on ESPN, while the other four are on NBA TV—not exactly a ubiquitous station.

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