It’s Time to Drastically Reinvent NBA All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend is getting old. Here’s a surefire way to increase interest among the casual fan.  Take the best parts of college basketball and implement it in to the NBA All-Star game.

Have a 16 team tournament on college alumni or continental origin, March Madness style.

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Kevin Moore’s Favorite 20 Albums of 2012

Kevin Moore has been compiling a favorite 20 album list since 2009. He was inspired by Eric Funderburk.

He compiles a list at the beginning of the year and crosses them out until he reaches 20. That list then gets ranked in order of preference.

“It is part of the grassroots sharing of music. I actually prefer finding out music by this method as opposed to blogs, magazines or websites. Sharing music with a fellow music lover who shares similar interests is such a rewarding experience. That is why I continue to make my favorite list each year as well as listening to other friends’ music lists too.”

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