Stephen A. Smith on Mike & Mike this morning.

Stephen A. Smith was on Mike & Mike on ESPN radio this morning, and here’s what he had to say. He talks about Melo first, then LeBron at about the five minute mark.

…and in the end, the bottom line is that it appears that LeBron James is ending up going to Cleveland. Which is shocking.

Now last summer, I reported that Cleveland was number two on the list, with Miami  number one. But over the last several days you start stuff hearing about old things going on in Miami.

How Lebron came there, and how the relationship with Pat Riley while incredibly respectful, and what have you, sometimes irked LeBron James.

He felt that (you know) his confidants and friends and his mama — could’ve been treated better. He felt like — you’re looking at the Miami Heat and there were times when Dwyane Wade would practice and was ready to go, and the team would shut him down. That would frustrate LeBron James. That the situation simply just wasn’t ideal and enticed it him to want to and consider to go home.

You can’t imagine that somebody would want to leave South Beach. You’re talking to Stephen A. here, why would you want to leave South Beach. [laughter]

But In the end, it clearly appears, that LeBron has had enough of South Beach and is planning on announcing that he’s going back to Cleveland.

And the meeting last night with Pat Riley last night was something that was simply something that was different than Dan Gilbert. He did not want to repeat history by not talking to Pat Riley. So he wanted to show him the requisite respect and let him know face to face that he was planning on being gone.

These are all the things that I’m hearing. Who the hell knows what’s true and isn’t true. But these are the kind of things that you’re hearing. So in the end, based on what I’m hearing, LeBron goes to Cleveland and Melo stays in New York.

You can hear the whole bit here.


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