A Detailed Scouting Report on Jonathan Kuminga’s Patrick School Season

Kuminga after defeating Roselle Catholic at during the Union County Tournament on 2/29/20.

Jonathan Kuminga, the number one player in the class of 2021, reclassified to 2020 and announced that he will be playing for the newly formed G League professional pathway team designed for top prospects. 

During the Nike Peach Jam during the summer of 2019, the rising junior  averaged 27.4 points, 6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists, which vaulted him to the number 1  ranking player of the class of 2021 entering his junior season, according to ESPN, 24/7, and Rivals.

Kuminga spent three of his high school years at three different high schools. He played his freshman year at Huntington Prep in West Virginia (Andrew Wiggins, Miles Bridge), sophomore year at Our Savior New American on Long Island, and his latest and final season of at The Patrick School, formerly St. Patrick’s, where Kyrie Irving, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Al Harrington are alums.

Kuminga is a three-level scorer capable of NBA three-pointers, drives to the rim, and pull-ups from mid-range. He is a highly skilled post player from both sides. He has very good feel, and has a good sense of when to score, and when to pass.

He averaged 16.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists during the season. He averaged 43.9% from the field, 38.9% from 3, and 78% from the line. (I manually took notes of every shot selection I was able to watch and come up with percentages–may not be accurate, but based on large sample size. Scroll to end for more details.)

His weight and height vary. ESPN has him at 6 feet, 7 inches and 210 pounds. During an ESPN game, Paul Biancardi said he was 6 feet 9 inches and 220 pounds. Kuminga said himself that he’s 6 feet 8 inches and  225 pounds. Whatever his actual measurments, he’s a tailor made small forward for the NBA. (I was unable to find wingspan information).

Of the 14 games he played for Patrick School, I attended 4 games in person, watched 6 games online, 1 condensed game, and 2 highlight reels.

Roselle Catholic (W 72-64)  – 12/23/19

Kuminga made his debut with the Patrick School against rival Roselle Catholic at the Kyrie Invitational at Barclays Center. RC features the 53rd ranked Cliff Omoyuri, a 6 foot 10 inch 235 pound big man headed to Rutgers, and the 81st ranked C.J. Wilcher, a 6 foot 3 inch, 210 pound wing headed to Xavier. The game was broadcast on the YES Network, the station that carries Brooklyn Nets games. 

He scored 20 points on 6 for 14 shooting and nailed 2 of 4 from 3-point range. It is worth noting that three of the shots came from NBA range. Whether he was thrown off by the two lines on the court, or if it was deliberate is unclear. One successful catch-and-shoot three looked so seamless, I tend to believe the former.

Offensively, he was very comfortable in the post, and this is where good things happen. All of his shots from the first half were either 3-pointers or mid-rangers.

He was more aggressive in the second half. On one play in the third quarter, he picked up a loose ball on the left block, posted up, then went in for a powerful two-handed slam.

On another possession in the same quarter, he received a pass on the left block. While posting up, he was guarded by Omoyuri, who is taller by 2 inches and outweighs him by 25 pounds. He took one power dribble and eluded his defender with a scoop shot. I wanted to see more of this. He did attempt to post up 5 more times the rest of the game. There was a turnover, a foul that earned him a trip to the line, a missed turnaround from an awkward angle, and a great pass to a teammate from the high post.

He shot 7 for 10 from the line. In a high school game that totals 32 minutes, his five trips to the line demonstrates his assertiveness.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone
2:00 minute mark for 2-handed slam
3:33 mark for a good pass

John Wall Holiday Invitational
Raleigh, NC
December 26-20

Apex Friendship (W 70-64) – December 27

I spent the holidays in Raleigh, North Carolina where Patrick School traveled down to play in the John Wall Holiday Invitational, a showcase that has been around since 1972.

Patrick School played three games going 2-1 during the course of the showcase.

Kuminga had his best game against Apex Friendship, the 46th ranked team in North Carolina.

He started off with a jab-step mid-range jumper. Even though he missed, it was reminiscent of Carmelo Anthony. During the rest of the game, he displayed a dizzying array of offensive weapons. He scored in the post, he shot from three, he put back his own miss, and drove to the rim.

He scored 31 points on 13 of 28 shooting, going 2 of 7 from 3-point land. He went 3 of 6 from the line, with 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, and 3 turnovers. He drove past an inferior defender and finished with a 2-handed slam that brought the crowd to its feet.

Most importantly, he came through in the clutch. In the fourth quarter, Patrick School was only up by 2 points with 4 minutes to go, Kuminga turned on the Mamba Mentality and went to work. He either drove or posted up, and only took one 3. With under a minute to go, he put down 2 one-handed dunks to put the game away by 6 points.

This was his best game of the season. Despite an inferior opponent, Kuminga took over during crunch time, putting the game away 70-64.

Courtesy of NJ Hoop Recruit
4:25 mark for coast-to-coast slam

Farmville Central (W 83-76)  – December 28

Starting point guard Noah Farrakahn returned from an injury, so Kuminga played most of the game off the ball against another North Carolina school, Farmville Central, as opposed to the de-facto facilitator he was the previous game. 

Kuminga scored a less efficient 28 points on 8 for 26 shooting from the field and 3 for 9 from 3. He started the half well with a mid-range jumper, a Euro-step, and a 3-pointer.

But his second half was littered with missed 3s, layups and one blocked mid-ranger. The game went into overtime, which TPS (The Patrick School) won 83-76. Kuminga hit a dagger 3 to put them up by 9 in overtime. His 9 for 10 mark from the line indicates his ability to drive to the lane.

Courtesy of NJ Hoop Recruit

Montverde (L 32-77) – December 30

The most anticipated matchup against top-ranked Montverde Academy was an utter 77-32 blowout with Coach Mike Krzyzewski in the stands. Some of TPS’s key players were missing, and Farrakahn left the game early feeling ill. This left Kuminga attempting too many isolations as he finished with 19 points shooting 6 for 16 from the field, 3 for 6 from 3-point range, and 4 for 6 from the line. Down by 41-15 at the half, TPS continued to compete, but Montverde has been in the conversation as one of the best high school teams of all time. TPS being short-handed, it wasn’t much of a surprise. 

During the three games in Raleigh, Kuminga averaged 26 points per game, 9.3 rebounds, and 1.6 assists. He shot 38.5% (27/70) overall, 36.3% (8/22) from 3, and 72.7 % (16/22) from the line.

Courtesy of Slam Highlights

Life Center (78-31) January 1

TPS returned to New Jersey and blew out Life Center in front of John Calipari, an unranked NJ school, 78-31. Kuminga made two catch-and-shoot 3s, had two great assists, as he continued to showcase his playmaking skills. He finished with 10 points in three quarters.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone

Sierra Canyon (L 56-71) January 3

In another marquee matchup against a top ranked Sierra Canyon, led by BJ Boston, Zaire Williams, and Bronny James, Kuminga scored 10 points in the first half. He had a nice catch-and-shoot 3 from the left corner, and a two-handed dunk on the run off of a pass.

However, Kuminga injured his ankle and played sparingly in the second half. This injury would put him out for one month – not returning until February 5th.

Courtesy of ESPN

New Brunswick (W 80-62) – February 5

This was Kuminga’s first game after his injury. It wasn’t originally on the schedule, and TPS heeded New Brunswick’s call in what was essentially a tune-up game ahead of the upcoming high-profile Metro Classic.

Kuminga entered midway through the 1st quarter when TPS was already up 19-5, playing point guard. He scored 12 points on a perfect 5-for-5 from the field, and drained his only 3-point attempt. He had 5 assists, but would have had more had his teammates been able to handle his passes.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone

Huntington Prep (69-45) – February 8

Kuminga scored 10 points on 3 for 5 shooting, and 1 for 2 from 3-point land in his first high profile game against West Virginia’s Huntington Prep, where he spent his freshman year, during the Metro Classic, which aired on ESPN after returning from injury. The two offensive possessions that stood out to me were two post ups in the fourth quarter–one from the right block, which resulted in a picture-perfect bank shot, and the other from the left block, which resulted in a missed shot after a help defender came in. Despite the miss, it was a good shot, and displayed his post-up ability on both sides.

Despite the fact that today’s NBA has morphed into a 3-point and at-rim league–both skills that he has, it’s the role players that are relegated to those shots. Star players still have to shoot from mid-range and from the post, and Kuminga is highly proficient doing both.

Kuminga’s scoring output and shot attempts were significantly less than his pre-injury games, but this game really displayed his playmaking ability. He finished with 4 assists, but would have had a few more had his teammates converted.

Able to bring it up, pass it to an open teammate for a 3, or a thread-the-needle bounce pass to a big inside, there are glimpses of a point forward playmaking skills as a pro.

Courtesy of Who’s Next
Post up at 14:04 mark
Post up miss at 14:30
Full court pass at 15:08
Bounce pass inside at 15:40

Wildwood Catholic (W 55-48) – February 9

Kuminga scored 19 points going 6 for 8 from the field against South Jersey’s Wildwood Catholic, and 3 assists during the TPS’s second game of the Metro Classic. It was a close game throughout, and he drained an off-the-dribble 3 with two defenders on him at the end of the third quarter to put the Celtics up 39-36.

In addition, a post-up on the right block started with a pump fake, then a lay-up. It was a play that displayed his awareness of his defender. A dribble penetration ending in a two-handed dunk, and a pull-up 3 continued the showcasing of his various offensive weapons.

With 4 assists, and a hockey assist from the top of the key, Kuminga continued to display his awareness and decision making, getting his teammates involved. Kuminga scored 19 points going 6 of 8 from the field, and 3 assists.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone
1:12 mark for 3 pointer

Long Island Lutheran (L 63-68) – February 13

In a 68-63 loss against Long Island Lutheran, the 11th ranked team in the nation, Kuminga scored 24 points on 5 for 10 shooting, going 3 for 6 from 3-point range. He started the game off nicely with three 3s in the first quarter. 

With one nice fake on a post move in the third quarter, the fourth was a return to the isolation heavy play he resorts to when the TPS is down against good competition. He handled the ball throughout much of the game, and went in for a few coast to coast lay-ups and dunks with varying results. It was a game where he probably should’ve looked to pass more, but I can’t fault him for putting the team on his shoulders with a superstar’s mentality.

Courtesy of Who’s Next
8:53 mark for post move

Plainfield (W 86-62)

In a blowout, Kuminga went 5 for 6 from the field and 3 for 4 from 3.

Courtesy of Slam

Linden (59-36) 2/26

In the Union County Semifinal, Kuminga had 7 points, and clearly didn’t need to play much based on this brief highlight reel.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone

Roselle Catholic (W 56-42) – February 29
Union County Tournament Final

The post season started off well for TPS, as they defeated rival Roselle Catholic 56-42. Kuminga had 12 points on 4 for 11 shooting, missing all 5 of his 3-pointers, in addition to 7 assists, and 4 rebounds. Kuminga’s inefficient shooting night was offset by three of his teammates scoring in double digits. In defeating RC 56-42 without their best player CJ Wilcher, Kuminga didn’t need to impose himself as much as he did in previous games. 

He had a couple of impressive moves including an off-the dribble spin move that resulted in a layup. There wasn’t much of a need for him to play-make as point guard Noah Farrakhan had one of his best games, and no need for him to dominate in the fourth, as TPS were up by 10 points heading into the fourth quarter.

1:39 for the spin move
Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone

Roselle Catholic (L 49-56) – March 7
Non-Public B Semifinal

In TPS’s fourth game with Roselle Catholic, this time a semifinal postseason game, Kuminga struggled to get going in the first quarter, shooting 1 for 5 with a couple of missed lay-ups. He was aggressive, but he just missed shots he should have made.

He was blocked 3 times throughout the game. Granted, RC’s defense was anchored by the 6 foot 10 inch Cliff Omoruyi, who had 7 blocks.

RC would not let Kuminga get comfortable. They used a box and one, and doubled him often.

Down by 10 points in the fourth quarter, Kuminga tried playing hero ball again, with his second field goal of the game coming with a coast-to-coast hop-step finish. He also traveled twice, and his final field goal attempt was an open floor layup that resulted in a miss.

Shooting 2 for 16, this was his worst game of the season. He also missed both of his 3s. The RC defense really focused on him. He again tried to single handedly bring TPS back. What he lost in scoring, he did make up in distributing as he had 7 assists.

This would be Kuminga’s final high school and amateur game of his young career.

Courtesy of Jersey Sports Zone


Kuminga said in an interview that he models his game after Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Anteokounmpo, but I think it is more similar to Jayson Taytum and peak Carmelo Anthony. He has a jab-step from the mid-range that is Melo-like. He can 3-pointers off-the-dribble. He can post up from both sides of the floor, and has good body control when driving to the rim. His offensive weapons are so advanced, that the only thing I’d want him to add is a Harden-esque step-back 3.

More importantly, he has shown enough playmaking acumen, that I can see him being used as an occasional point-forward at the next level. The passes are highlight worthy but not overambitious.

Defensively, he can let his man go by him, and fall for occasional pump-fakes, but ingrained in a professional system, he has the athleticism to handle covering multiple positions at the next level, perhaps two through four, and the occasional one.

Projected to be taken number four overall in the 2021 draft by Jonathan Givony of ESPN, and currently only 17 years old, he’s able to dominate lesser competition, and takes too much of a load when playing better teams. More than once, he’s distributed and scored evenly throughout the first three quarters, and goes Mamba in the fourth, to mixed results.

Despite not ever successfully bringing his team back during a deficit, it is something an NBA superstar does. The tools and foundation are there. It remains to be seen whether he becomes one.


I calculated his statistics manually, with the exception of his three games at the John Wall Invitational, in which there were public box scores (embedded below). Totals are provided by Totals by NJ Advance Media for NJ.com. I took note of every shot attempt I witnessed in person and online to come up with percentages. These averages may not be accurate, but represent a large sample size.

Date Opponent Points Rebs Assists FGs 3 PT  FT
12/23 Roselle Catholic W 72-64 20 6/14 2/4 7/10
12/27 *Apex Friendship
W 70-64
31 11 3 13/28 2/7 3/6
12/28 *Farmville
W 83-76
28 12 0 8/26 3/9 9/10
12/30 *Montverde
L 32-77
19 5 2 6/16 3/6 4/6
1/1 Life Center
W 78-31
10 3
1/3 Sierra Canyon
L 56-71
10 2/6 1/4 2/2
2/5 New Brunswick
W 80-62
12 2 5 5/5 1/1 1/1
2/8 Huntington Prep
W 69-45
10 6 4 3/5 0/2 3/4
2/9 Wildwood Catholic
W 55-48
21 6 5 6/8 3/4 3/3
2/13 Long Island Lutheran
L 63-68
24 5/10 3/6
2/22 Plainfield
W 86-52
14 2 4  5/6  3/4
2/26 Linden
W 59-36
7 2
2/29 Roselle Catholic
W 56-42
12 4 4 4/11 0/5 3/4
3/5 Montclair Immaculate
12 7 7
3/7 Roselle Catholic
L 49-56
8 6 6 2/13 0/2 4/4
Totals 228 66 34 65/148 21/54 39/50

*Courtesy of John Wall Holiday Classic


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