My Top Eight Memories as a New Jersey Nets Fan

The last game in NJ on April 23rd 2012 vs. Philly was was surprisingly full and lively.

It wasn’t easy being a Nets fan in Knick country. Despite two Finals appearances by the Nets that coincided with the Eddy Curry/Stephon Marbury/Isaiah Thomas years, the New Jersey Nets never got any respect. I’d actually get jealous going to Knick games—because despite the fact that the team was a joke, the fans were always a hundred times more enthusiastic than Nets fans. The Jason Kidd years had a better showing in the Continental Arena but their best days paled in comparison to the Knicks’ worst at the Garden.

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Jeremy Lin is Our Barack Obama—But Way Better


(Editor’s note: This was written during the heyday of Linsanity in February.)

And I don’t mean in a political way (this blog is politics-free) – but in a sense of expectations.

Before Obama became the leader of the free world, there were at least fictional depictions of black presidents in pop-culture.

Dennis Haysbert’s portrayal of President David Palmer provided the backbone to Jack Bauer. Morgan Freeman attempted to keep the country calm when a runaway comet was ready to obliterate earth. Chris Rock even played a president in Head of State. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin is Our Barack Obama—But Way Better”