Jeremy Lin is Gone

I’m so pissed at the Knicks. How could they allow Jeremy Lin to leave? The only thing that makes me angrier than watching my favorite player leave my favorite team is to listen to all the “experts” tell me it was the “right decision” for the Knicks. I had to hear this crap on my ride home from work on Tuesday night (1050 ESPN) then again on SportsCenter when I got home then again on WFAN this morning. Here are the nuggets of knowledge dropped by ESPN’s “NBA Insiders”:

1. “If the Knicks matched the offer, Lin would cost them $50 Million in the 3rd year of his contract [because of the Luxury Tax].  He’s not worth it!”

2. “Jeremy Lin was only good for two weeks.”
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Jeremy Lin is Our Barack Obama—But Way Better


(Editor’s note: This was written during the heyday of Linsanity in February.)

And I don’t mean in a political way (this blog is politics-free) – but in a sense of expectations.

Before Obama became the leader of the free world, there were at least fictional depictions of black presidents in pop-culture.

Dennis Haysbert’s portrayal of President David Palmer provided the backbone to Jack Bauer. Morgan Freeman attempted to keep the country calm when a runaway comet was ready to obliterate earth. Chris Rock even played a president in Head of State. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin is Our Barack Obama—But Way Better”