Music Listening Party from March (Part 1 of 2)


Philadelphia's Little Big League

We had another music listening party back in March. It’s taken me six months to finally post it. Better late than never. We’ve got 91.1 WBOR Maine DJ Eric Funderburke, Kathleen Funderburke, Kevin Moore, New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich, Michael Yong, Brian Horne, Christine Berardi, Nathan Sinclair, Scott Berardi, and myself. (note: Spotify playlist is incomplete due to limited availability)

Artist: My Jerusalem
Song: Shatter Together
Album: Preachers
Year: 2012

Eric kicked us off with My Jerusalem’s Shatter Together. They reminded us of TV on the Radio.

Artist: Tame Impala
Song: Apocalypse Dreams
Album: Lonerism
Year: 2012

Kathleen was afraid that we’d all have heard of Tame Impala already, which most of us have, but no matter – they reminded of a throwback to the 70s, even Beatles-esqe.

Artist: Foxygen
Song: Shuggie
Album: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic
Year: 2013

Christine said this was “very James Bond”.

Artist: Thundercat
Song: Daylight
Album: (I dont’ know. Little help here, Brian)
Year: 2011

As usual, Brian grabs something out of left field. Thundercat is simultaneously chill and intense, if that’s even possible.

Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Stoned and Starving
Album: Light Up Gold
Year: 2012

Drew saw these guys at SXSW. Similar vibe to Pavement and the Minutemen. They have a very “Sonic Youth lo-fi” thing going on. Eric added that they have a good melody and the bass line carries it.

Artist: Touming Magazine
Song: 時速160公里的吉他, 貝斯和鼓
Album: 我們的靈魂樂 (Our Soul Music)
Year: 2011

Michael discovered Touming Magazine while he was at a bachelor party in Taiwan. Eric said they sounded like Jawbreaker, or a “Chinese Pavement.”

Artist: Bloc Party
Song: Helicoptor
Album: Silent Alarm
Year: 2006

Christine came in with a semi-classic Bloc Party tune.

Artist: Little Big League
Song: Tokyo Drift
Album: These Are Good People
Year: 2013

My friend Rachel’s cousin Ian Dykstra played drums for Titus Andronicus. He’s now behind the kit for Little Big League, the Philadelphia band that sounds like the Sundays. Someone commented that, “She sounds like the kind of girl that rides a bike on a dress.”

Artist: Air
Song: Do the Joy
Year: 2009

Nathan presented the French band Air. Must be his Canadian roots.

Artist: The Front Bottoms
Song: Maps
Album: The Front Bottoms
Year: 2010

Scott’s really into the Front Bottoms, whom we saw together at Maxwell’s. I have a real soft spot for this band as they originated from Westwood NJ, just one town over from my home town of Emerson.

Artist: Ólafur Arnalds
Song: Near Light
Album: Living Room Songs
Year: 2012

Eric gave us Ólafur Arnalds. It’s beautiful.

Artist: Sean Rowe
Song: Horses
Album: The Salesman and the Shark
Year: 2012

Kathleen introduced Sean Rowe, a combination of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, and David Bowie.

Artist: Efterklang
Song: Hollow Mountain
Album: Piramida
Year: 2012

Kevin reports that Efterklang went to the remote parts of the Arctic to record this. I guess I can tell, if I’ve ever been to the Arctic.

Artist: Crystal Castles
Song: Love and Caring
Album: Caring
Year: 2008

Brian gave us Crystal Castles which totally sounds like a video game.

Artist: Melody’s Echo Chamber
Song: Crystallized
Album: Melody’s Echo Chamber
Year: 2012

Drew gave us French outfit Melody’s Echo Chamber. We all thought that the reverb was the best part, but Kathleen thought that “voice was a little weak.”

Artist: Eternal Summers
Song: Good as You
Album: Melody’s Echo Chamber
Year: 2012

Michael presented us with Eternal Summers a Roanoke, VA band that has a bit of Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins, Belly, and Best Coast in them. These are all good things.

Artist: Widespread Panic
Song: Space Wrangler
Album: Space Wrangler
Year: 1988

Scott threw us a curveball with jamband Widespread Panic.

Part 2 coming whenever I get around to it.




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