Music Listening Party from March (Part 2 of 2)

Pittsburgh's Donora.

Here’s part 2 of the listening party. Part 1 is here.

Artist: Fyfe Dangerfield
Song: When You Walk in the Room
Album: Fly Yellow Moon
Year: 2012

Christine gave us Fyfe Dangerfield. I think we all liked it but don’t remember any specific comments.

Artist: Donora
Song: Shh
Album: Donora
Year: 2009

My wife’s friend’s wife’s brother (I think) is one of the dudes in this Pittsburgh band. Great poppy vibe.

Artist: Twin Shadow
Song: Five Seconds
Album: Confess
Year: 2012

Nathan brings us Twin Shadow, whom we saw at Maxwell’s. There’s a bit of the Cars, Gary Newman, David Bowie and General Public mixed in.

Artist: Pacfic Air
Song: Float
Album: Long Live Koko
Year: 2013

Eric gives us Pacific Air’s Float –  a song that “makes you want to snap.”

Artist: Kodaline
Song: Pray
Album: In a Perfect World
Year: 2013

Kathleen presented Kodaline – an Irish quartet.

Artist: Youth Lagoon
Song: Dropola
Album: Wondrous Bughouse
Year: 2013

Kevin gives us Youth Lagoon – one of those bands that has just one guy. Trippy stuff.

Artist: Toro Y Moi
Song: New Beat
Album: Underneath the Pine
Year: 2011

Brian whips out Toro Y Moi – more crazy stuff, but in a good way.

Artist: Kid Koala
Song: 5 Bit Blues
Album: 12 Bit Blues
Year: 2012

Drew breaks out DJ Kid Koala.

Artist: Wilson Pickett
Song: I Found a Love
Album: Wilson Pickett
Year: 1967

Michael takes us way back with some soul.

Artist: Sho Baraka
Song: Jim Crow
Album: Talented 10th
Year: 2013

Christine brings us rapper Sho Baraka. (not safe for work)

Artist: James
Song: Born of Frustration
Album: Seven
Year: 1992

Nathan takes us back to a James song that’s not Laid.

Artist: A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Song: Passionate Introverts (Dinosaurs)
Album: Ashes Grammar
Year: 2009

I dragged a bunch my friends to see this band for free at the Whitney Museum about five years ago and everyone hated it. Very Cocteau Twins.

Artist: Trails and Ways
Song: Midnight City
Album: Sure Thing
Year: 2012

We are now at the covers portion of our program! Eric gives us Trails and Ways doing an M83 song

Artist: Branches
Song: Skinny Love
Album: Covers
Year: 2012

Kevin has LA band Branches covering Bon Iver.

Artist: The Soft Boys
Song: Insanely Jealous
Album: Underwater Moonlight
Year: 1980

So maybe it was covers or oldies. Kathleen brings us the Soft Boys, the British early 80s band.

Artist: Kyuss
Song: 50 Million Years Trip
Album: Blues for the Red Sun
Year: 1992

Brian presents Kyuss – a band with the guitarist from Queens of the Stone Age.

Artist: James McNew
Song: Dump
Album: Pop Life
Year: 1995

Finally, Drew closes the set with some Yo La Tengo’s bassist doing some crazy guitar work.


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  1. You can ear the better version of Midnight City here –

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