To My Fellow Dads, on the First Day of Kindergarten Cop

Kindergarten cop teacher.

Dear New Kindergarten Cop Dad,

This morning, I pressed the eject button on the VCR that contained a well-worn copy of Terminator 2. My son will be starting Kindergarten Cop next week, where he will be mentored by the Kindergarten Cop.

My best friend texted me a picture of his own 5-year old a few minutes later, standing next to a full-sized model exoskeleton. “How did we get here?!” I texted back. It was yesterday that we were going through the Conan the Barbarian trilogy together. “How did we get here?!”

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The Empire Strikes Back Live-tweet

Luke is undecided whether he should cop a feel on his sister. Wait until he checks out her metal bikini.

In response to the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm, I decided to live-tweet the absolute best movie of the entire Star Wars universe, The Empire Strikes Back. It was also the day of that nor’easter, which increased my desire to disembowel a Tauntaun with a lightsaber and fall asleep snugly in its innards.

Thanks to Becky Monroe, Drew Dernavich & Christine Berardi for participating.

Here’s how it went down.

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I Like Female-Centric TV Shows

My friend Todd made a comment to me that I’ve been watching a lot of girly TV shows. And you know what? He’s right.

The two new shows of the fall season and one from earlier this year all have a female showrunner (that’s an industry term for executive producer.)

The Mindy Project (two episodes viewed)

She'll have what he's having.

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